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What can you expect

We work in a close partnership and as each client is unique, every assignment is personalised and unique.

We engage with individual executives, but we also work with management teams and boards.
In general, the following elements are present in many of our leadership and change assignments:

Analysis and Assessment

In-depth analysis of client strengths and preferences. This information can be leveraged by the client and is equally valuable in designing a tailored leadership program

Customized Leadership Plan

Design of a personalized plan that best suits the client’s goals, learning style and environment. We draw content and techniques from thought leaders in a variety of disciplines and keep up-to-date with new research and findings.

Leadership Values and Style

Clear articulation of who a client is and what he or she stands for. This is an iterative process that extends over the course of an engagement. Clarity around these fundamental drivers enables clients to make even more powerful decisions and to expand their influence.

Real-Time Focus

The selection of one or more real-time initiatives or situations in which to apply advanced skills. Learning by doing is one of the most effective ways for clients to master advanced skills and integrate them into their repertoires.

Organizationally Savvy

The ability to navigate the currents of complex organizations and relationships. Managing these challenges while maintaining personal integrity is the hallmark of a skilful leader.

Resilient Performance

Building the energy reserves to realize full potential. Just as in the sports world, successful performance in the leadership arena is a function not only of innate ability but also energy capacity.

Skilful Communications

Recognition that communication is a significant factor in shaping a leader’s profile, defining an organization’s direction, and motivating others to follow. Clients develop communication skills consistent with their personal style and preferences.

Collaborative Resources

The ability to leverage the range of Continuum Partners expertise enables clients to have access to wider resources.

Continuous Learning

A framework for maintaining momentum following an assignment.. Clients have the resources to consistently build upon their achievements.

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Johana Stašková

Executive assistant